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Main Water Line Repair In some cases repairing a main water line can be as easy as digging up the wet spot, cutting the line and making the repair.  But every so often the main water line will be made out of a material that is not repairable and the entire water line will have to be replaced.
Water Heater Repair
If your water heater is less than six years old it is still under the manufacturer warranty.  The first year the manufacturer will pay for labor and parts for your water heater to be repaired.  Years two through six the manufacturer will only pay for parts...
Slab Leak Leaking pipes inside or underneath the concrete of a house's floor or foundations are called 'slab leaks'. Common signs of this type of leak are...
Water Softeners Why do I need a water softener? Arizona has some of the hardest water in the US.  Hard water is water that has high mineral content (mainly calcium and magnesium ions) (in contrast with soft water). Hard water minerals primarily consist of calcium (Ca2+), and magnesium (Mg2+) metal cations and sometimes...

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There's a clog in the toilet trap


It’s easy to assess if the clog is in the toilet’s trap or further down in the main stack. Toilets and lavatory sinks almost always drain out into the same stack, so if the sink is running fine, then the problem lies in the toilets trap.

Anything from paper towels to feminine hygiene products can cause the trap to clog. These items should never be flushed down the toilet. Conversely, disposable wipes, even those labeled flushable, should never be flushed. They simple do not break down enough to fit down the trap, and will eventually clog it.

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Removing Rust Stains From Toilets, Tubs and Sinks:

Rust and other stains can occur from hard water mineral deposits found especially with the use of well water having high iron content. Staining can also occur from rusty galvanized pipes leaking into a sink, rusty toilet components leaking into the back of a toilet bowl or something metal left on the sink. These stains can be difficult to remove. If this is a recurring problem and the staining is chronic, there may be no way to remove the stain as it may have etched itself into the porcelain.

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